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TEA ANYONE? An incumbent minority president, losing at the polls in his re-election bid due to the economy, gas prices and scandals in his administration, pulls an “October Surprise” that swings the election. The night he is elected, there is an assassination attempt on him, which is blamed on the Tea Party.

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David Thomas Roberts

david_300Originally from southern Illinois, David Thomas Roberts moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1967 when he was eight years old. His family made regular trips to the Alamo with family, friends, neighbors and visiting relatives during the1968 World ‘s Fair, “Hemisphere ’68 and in years after.”

The story of The Alamo, the spirit of all its Texan heroes, and the fight for Texas independence left an indelible impression on him that has endured a lifetime.

As a “naturalized” Texan, Roberts has become a staunch defender and admirer of all things Texas, including her rich and unique history, politics, culture and people.

The author is active in politics and the movement for modern-day Texas Independence, and has been a speaker at Tea Party events.

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